Asbestos Removal Company

Asbestos Removal Company

Hulk Demolition & Asbestos Removal is a family owned and operated business with over 12 years industry experience specialising in residential, commercial Demolition and Asbestos removal. For an asbestos removal company we can help you.

Hulk Demolition & Asbestos Removal maintains a high standard throughout every aspect of our business from client contact through to project setup and conduct.

Our reputation for excellence is well-deserved.  Every customer and project are individual and unique and as such we go the extra mile to accommodate our customer needs.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, safety and quality. By listening and understanding our client’s requests, this makes us able to deliver professional and quality workmanship which is rapidly building our reputation as one of the most efficient and reliable companies in our field.

We pride ourselves on recycling and making a difference to the environment. Hulk Demolition & Asbestos Removal is committed to recycling and reducing our carbon footprint we are constantly working towards reducing land fill waste wherever possible.   Our aim is to recycle up to 80% of recyclable materials on all projects and contribute toward helping the environment


Hulk Demolition & Asbestos Removal is committed to undertaking its business in a manner that recognizes the importance of environmental protection and sustainability.  It attempts to achieve ‘industry best’ practices in all its operations by:

  • Complying with applicable laws, regulating and statutory requirements relating to environmental issues
  • Managing environmental and related issues in accordance with any client requirements, policies and procedures
  • Applying waste minimization, reuse and recycling principles and taking all practicable steps to prevent pollution and other adverse effects from our operations
  • Educating and training our employees to continually improve awareness, skills and knowledge of environmental issues and practices
  • Identifying any non-compliance issues and taking necessary action to improve performance
  • Ensuring hazardous materials such as asbestos are handled and disposed of correctly following Environmental Protection Authority requirements
  • Monitoring and evaluating the environmental performance of subcontractors and suppliers and implementing effective communication with them on environmental issues

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Asbestos Removal Company