Environmental Impact Statement

environmental impact
Environmental Impact Statement
We aim to recycle at least 80% of recyclable materials We pride ourselves on recycling and making a difference to the environment. Hulk Demolition & Asbestos Removal is dedicated to recycling and we  are constantly working towards reducing landfill waste and our environmental impact  wherever possible. Hulk Demolition & Asbestos Removal dedicated to directing its business in a manner that recognizes the importance of environmental protection and sustainability.
  •  Complying with applicable laws, regulating and statutory requirements relating to environmental issues
  •  Managing environmental and related issues in accordance with any client requirements, policies and procedures
  • Applying waste minimization, reuse, recycling principles & taking all practicable steps to prevent pollution and other adverse effects from our operations
  • Educating & training our employees to continually improve awareness, skills and knowledge of environmental issues and practices
  • Identifying any non-compliance issues & taking necessary action to improve performance
  • Ensuring that all  asbestos are handled and disposed of correctly following  all EPA requirements